Holy Week Schedule

April 15 – 19:
Monday – 8:00 AM Mass, Columbus
Tuesday – No Mass, Baxter Springs
Tuesday – 5:00 PM Stations of the Cross, Baxter Springs
(Note time change)
Wednesday – 8:00 AM Mass, Galena
Holy Thursday – 7:00 PM Mass, Scammon
Good Friday – 3:00 PM Service, Galena
Good Friday – 7:00 PM Service, Columbus

Easter Mass Schedule:
Easter Vigil: April 20th – 8:30 PM Baxter Springs
Easter Sunday: April 21st – 7:30 AM Scammon
9:00 AM Columbus
11:00 AM Galena

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Upcoming Events


       April 27                      6:00 PM    St. Rose of Lima, Columbus

       April 28                       8:30 AM               St. Bridget, Scammon

       April 28                    10:30 AM              St. Patrick, Galena

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“Fully alive as a missionary disciple”

Stewardship Poster 2018_JPG_ENG@150

Theme for the 2018-2019 Stewardship Renewal is “FULLY ALIVE as missionary Disciples.”

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”                                                                John 10:10      

“Christian courage mobilizes the Lord’s disciples for evangelization, for stewardship, for service, so as to become fully alive in Christ Jesus.”

                                          Bishop Carl A. Kemme 

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First Communion at St. Bridget – April 22

IMG_6746 - Copy3

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Easter Vigil Mass


Five men were welcomed into the Catholic Faith at the Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday, March 31, 2018, at Saint Bridget Catholic Church in Scammon, Kansas. Three were Baptized, two made their Profession of Faith and all received the sacrament of Confirmation and made their First Communion. Father Jeremy Huser presided over the event. To view more photos from the Vigil and administration of the sacraments just click on the photo.

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Pastor’s Corner

When I lived in Wichita a retired priest would always ask me, “Have you been home lately to see your family?” I would go home and see my family around once a month. He would get after me and tell me to spend time with them. This past Sunday I decided to go home. A couple of my brothers came out to my parent’s house and we played a few board games. On Monday, I went into town to spend time with my grandma. We went to the cemetery to pray for my grandpa and cousin. The trip home was good and restful.

The forth commandment is to honor our mother and father. At times in the confessional, children will confess this sin if they do not obey their parents. Obeying is only part of honoring them. Do we as adults honor our parents by calling them or better yet visiting them on a regular basis? Do we pray for them? Are we making sure they are being taken care of physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually? If they cannot drive do we take them to where they need to go, including Sunday Mass? If they are not able to go to Mass does their parish priest know so someone can come to take care of them spiritually? If our parents have passed away do we try to visit them in the cemetery making sure their graves are kept up, bringing our children to see them. Continue to pray and honor your parents spending time with them whether they are here or have passed away.

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Who Are You Following?

Stewardship Poster 2017_5.25x7_ENG

        The first reading today is FULL of synonyms for “following”: observe, join, minister, love, serve, and hold to, to name a few. Following someone means more than to trail along behind them. When we truly follow someone, we join ourselves to that being. We love them, we serve them, and we hold to all they stand for. We become like them in every possible way. Chances are, there is someone (or some thing) in your life that you follow this closely. Is it Jesus Christ? It was for the Canaanite woman in today’s gospel, who followed Jesus and kept badgering Him to drive the demon out of her daughter. Jesus tested her faith, but she did not falter. She knew Jesus and what He was capable of. She was a follower of Him. Are you?

        Take time to study this year’s stewardship poster in your parish church. It incorporates both old, new and consistent message: that message is of being called by Jesus to “Come and Follow me…”. The poster unites a modern silhouette of a young man on his telephone, and familiar silhouette of Saint Peter with his fishing net. One has chosen to follow Jesus, the other is in the midst of distraction and decision.


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