From the Bishop –

Bishop Kemme has asked us to maintain the current guidelines for public Mass until the beginning of July. At that time, he will reassess the condition and make changes to the guidelines if needed. Please continue to be cautious and maintain distance one another. As some of you may have heard, this week one of our priests in Wichita was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. After it was discovered, all activities were canceled including Sunday Mass for the next two weeks at his parish.

Updated Mass Location and Change

Starting next weekend, June 20th, the 4:00 pm Saturday Mass in Scammon will move to Columbus. All the other Masses will remain in the same location. With the current guidelines still in effect and the large number of people attending daily Mass in Galena, I feel that the churches in Baxter and Galena would exceed the number of people it can hold on the weekend. My hope is to allow everyone who wants to come to a weekend Mass will be able to and not be turned away. I know the people in Baxter and Galena are anxious to start having Mass in their church and I am too, but we need to wait a bit longer. Thank you for your understanding.

One of the noticeable changes made last week is the distance between a person in line for Communion and a person sitting in the pew is less than 6ft. This allows more seating in the new hall in Scammon. It allows the side aisles to be open again at St. Rose. Please follow the directions of the ushers for seating and on how to go to Communion.

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