Public Masses to Resume – Praise be Jesus Christ

The bishop has given us the green light to start celebrating Masses again beginning on this Wednesday, May 6th. Please note: the bishop is giving the pastors the freedom to start later than Wednesday if they feel more time is required for preparation. I will be meeting with my parish council members in the next couple days to discuss how to best prepare and maintain a safe church environment and to see if this can be put into practice by the weekend. If not, we may have to wait a week to start. I wish it were as simple as opening the door to let people in, however; we have guidelines to keep one another safe. While I am sure many of the parishes will probably start on Wednesday know that some may not. I know that you are all excited, and this is exciting news, but we also need to be ready. Please continue to be patient and know we will start soon. Please read the bishop’s letter and guidelines concerning how Masses are to be celebrated during this time. It can be found on the diocese website or click here

I will let you know when we will start celebrating pubic Mass. Know that you continue to be in my prayers.

Fr. Jeremy Huser

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